Product Details

Technology: C#, .Net 4, WPF
Product Description: iCompare is a data management tool which is a recognised leader in auto reconciliations and transaction life cycle management.

iCompare is data management software which is used for automating business processes. It allows you to extract data from any file or Database and manage the data life cycle through customer designed processes. Part of these customer designed processes is a very strong matching engine which is used for auto reconciliations.

Data Management

Users can setup custom extractions from either files or Databases and Data can be enriched or converted in a number of ways at any time in the process. This allows you to manage data throughout its life cycle and not just at a specific point in the life cycle. Users can view and analyse the Data on iCompare's innovative front end. Some of the features available are the following:

- Grouping and ungrouping of Data (Unlimited Groups)

- Creating of Complex Filters to analyse the data

- Opening of multiple grids and arrange them to suit the user

- Freezing of Columns

- Selection of an item from groups or individual items

Custom Screens and Business Processes

Custom screens can be setup to allow the users to view or process data in the way their business process require. Your business process is not changed to fit into the system but the system fits into your business process. Custom business processes can be created to suit your needs.


iCompare has one of the fastest matching engines which allows for large scalable models, multiple engines can run on one dataset or one engine to serve multiple datasets. It has wizard driven rules setup as well as scripting of more complex rules. It allows for variance matching and multi-way match (match one item multiple times). Multi-way matching makes it possible to understand breaks at a global level and not have multiple breaks for the same item in different stages of the transactions life cycle. Manual reconciliations can also be done and exceptions can be managed via its own workflow.